Self Grooming Courses

We offer Self Grooming courses to Working Ladies, House Wives, Newly Married and Students to help them build their personality, gain confidence and look gorgeous.

Almost 90% of women do their Make-up incorrectly. You can buy most expensive Make-up product in the market, but if you do not know how to use it, all you are doing is make yourself look older than your actual age. 

One must understand the difference between skin requirement & skin tone-what suits your skin & shape.

Our courses include Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Hairstyling along with the following lessons:

           • Tools: Makeup brushes, sponges and applicators
           • Skin Care: Understanding your skin and Face Analysis
           • Foundation base application: Waterproof & Sweat Proof
           • Eye: Brow Shape, Eye Shading & Blending, Eye Liner & Mascara application and False Eyelashes
           • Face: Blusher, Lip shaping, Highlighting and Sharpening
           • Make-up: Natural, Glamorous, Smokey, Day, Evening & Party Make-up.

Duration of different packages:
  • Diamond Package:  10 days (Includes complete Self-Grooming Course)
  • Gold Package:        5 days (Includes Foundation base application, Eye, Face, Make-up, HairStyling)
  • Silver Package:       3 days (Any of the three lessons can be selected to make a Customized Course)

The duration of the packages can be adapted to suit your individual needs. Please contact us for further details.

Gift Certificates available!